Do you ever get tired of hearing THE BIG LIE that the Jews stole Palestinian land?   The Lord God of Israel made an everlasting covenant with the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give them the land with Jerusalem as their eternal, undivided capital. Yet, this sacred land grant, which is forever in time, is constantly referred to as “occupied Arab land.”

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So what is the truth? Did the Jews steal Arab land when Israel was reborn? The information presented in this blog should help us answer this question. The facts presented are taken from Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict published by American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE), From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters, published by Harper and Row, and other sources. Joan’s book is must reading for anyone wanting to know factual history about the land.

What about the land? Who owned what? Were the Arabs displaced? Were they forced from their homes? Even though the Arab population in the land has grown at a much greater rate than the Jewish population, Arabs have continued to propagate THE BIG LIE that Jews booted out the Arabs and stole their land.

What are the facts? From the beginning of World War I, part of the land the world calls Palestine was owned by absentee landlords who lived in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. About eighty percent of the Palestinian Arabs were debt-ridden peasants, semi-nomads, and Bedouins.

In order to minimize conflict with the Arabs, Jews went out of their way to avoid purchasing land in areas where Arabs might be displaced. They sought land that was largely uncultivated, swampy, inexpensive and unoccupied.

David Ben-Gurion believed that the local Arabs should not be displaced. He actually called for the Jewish pioneers to help liberate the local Arabs from their oppressive landlords. His counsel was not to buy land from the “locals” unless they were vacating the land and that they should be paid a fair price.

Jewish pioneers made it a priority to buy unoccupied land or land owned by absentee landlords who were more than willing to sell their uninhabitable land at outrageously high prices. The pioneers did not buy cultivated land until after they had bought or settled on available unclaimed land. They found many Arabs eager to sell them the land at highly inflated prices. The Arabs thought the Jews were crazy to pay such a high price for “worthless” land. The Jews own the land because they bought it at premium prices.

John Hope Simpson made the following observation when he arrived in Palestine in May 1930: “They [the Jews] paid high prices for the land, and in addition they paid to certain of the occupants of those lands a considerable amount of money which they were not legally bound to pay.”

In order to render a just settlement for displaced Arabs, Lewis French conducted a survey in 1931 to determine who had lost their land. He then offered to help any dispossessed Arabs find new land. British officials received more than three thousand applications from locals who claimed to have lost their land to the Jews. After reviewing all the applications, the British determined that only twenty percent of the claims were justified as legitimate. The rest were not landless but were opportunist who tried to take advantage of the situation.

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