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Another one of THE BIG LIES is that the Jews who lived under Muslim Arab rule before the birth of Israel had harmonious relations with the Arabs and were treated with dignity and tolerance. The implication is that if Israel would submit to Arab rule, the fighting would stop and Muslims, Jews, and Christian in the Middle East would live happily ever after.

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Yasser Arafat once said, “We are not against Jews. On the contrary, we are all Semites and we have been living with each other in peace and fraternity, Muslims, Jews, and Christians for many centuries.” If you believe this fairy tale, I have some PLO resort property to sell you in the Gaza Strip.

Prior to Islam and the time of Mohammed, Jews and Arabs did live in relative peace with one another. However, when the Jews rejected Mohammed as a prophet, he turned against them with a vengeance as seen in his violent actions against the Jews and his words of hate in the Koran.

For example, in 627 CE, Arabs from Mecca fought Mohammed and his followers from Medina. Mohammed accused the Jews of plotting with the Meccans. After defeating the Meccans, Mohammed beheaded eight hundred Jewish men and made slaves of the women and children. This action became the model for all subsequent Islamic conquests. So much for peace and harmony.

An Arab leader who succeeded Mohammed was Omar. He produced a document called the “Omar Charter” in which he codified the conditions Jews were to live by under Islamic rule.     Here are some of the conditions of peace and fraternity the Jews enjoyed. Christians lived under similar conditions.

The Omar Charter

  1. Jews were forbidden to touch the Koran.
  2. Jews were required to wear distinctive clothing.
  3. Jews were required to wear a yellow piece of cloth as a badge (blue for Christians).
  4. Jews were not allowed to perform their religious practices in public.
  5. Jews were not allowed to own a horse which was a sign of a nobleman.
  6. Jews were required to bury their dead without grieving in public.
  7. Jews were required to pay special taxes.
  8. Jews were not allowed to defend themselves against a Muslim.
  9. Jews were not allowed to testify against a Muslim.
  10. Jews were forbidden to build new synagogues.
  11. The houses and tombs of Jews were not allowed to be higher than those of the Muslims.
  12. The graves of Jews had to be level so that anyone could walk over them.


Throughout the centuries, Jews and Christians living under Islamic rule suffered persecution and humiliation, the intensity of which was determined by the character of the particular Muslim ruler. Even under relevantly tolerant rule, Jews and Christians struggled to survive and lived in constant fear for their lives. They only flourished if their Muslim rulers had use for them. Nothing has changed because the nature of Islam is to “kill the infidel.”

In modern times, when Jordan illegally occupied East Jerusalem from 1948-1967, all Jewish residents were expelled and barred from the Western Wall. The Jewish quarter, including all fifty-eight synagogues, was destroyed or desecrated. This was done under the rule of King Hussein, the most moderate of Arab rulers. Think what would happen if the nations forced a Palestinian state on Israel.

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