Class Winter 2017 – Greensboro NC




□ Would you rather see things in color or black and white?

□  Reading the New Testament through Western eyes is like reading it in black and white. We read the words but miss the vivid beauty of its expressions and meaning.

□  Reading the New Testament through Jewish eyes is like reading it in color. The words “pop” with vibrant life and beauty that would impress the most avid “leaf peeper” in a New England fall.

□  In this course, you will learn to read the New Testament in color by studying the Hebraic/Jewish background of the words of Jesus and His talmidim (disciples).

□  For example, knowing that the first 15 bishops of the early church in Jerusalem were Jews and relatives of Jesus helps us understand the organization of the early church and what they believed.

□ Realizing that Jesus used teaching techniques of first century Jewish Bible teachers helps us understand His words in their original context. You will be amazed to see in living color His sometimes difficult words “pop” off the pages and into your heart.

□ And how about Paul? Understanding that he was a “torah-observant Jew” helps us understand the challenge he had of explaining Hebraic concepts to a Greco-Roman world and how we have misunderstood his writings.

□ Knowing what Jews anticipated in announcing the appearance of the Messiah gives fresh depth and meaning to the baptism of Jesus and the “daughter voice” that introduced Him.

□ Messianic miracles of Jesus and much, much more … !



Judeo-Christian Heritage

Jesus and the Original Church

of the First Century

A life-changing twelve-week course on
Jesus and the First Century Church
Presented by
Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies
Greensboro Extension

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Where:  Home of Jon & Darinda McLane, 5304 Turner-Smith Road, Browns Summit, N.C. 27214 (336-656-4522)

When:  February 7 through May 2, 2017, 7:30-9:00 p.m.          Teacher: Jon McLane

Cost: $55 ($15 non-refundable registration and $35 for course notebook and $5 for shipping). Early Bird Registration due by January 17th plus a minimum suggested donation of $5.00 at each class session to support the work of IHCS so we can continue to provide you with these life-changing courses.  If you can give more it is appreciated. Late registration after January 17th is $65.  There is no registration after the second class.

Course Subjects:

2-7-17—Jewish Background of Church
2-14-17—Jesus the Jewish Bible Teacher
2-21-17—Misconceptions of the Law
2-28-17—Biblical Meaning of Law
3-7-17—Law & Grace
3-14-17—Pharisees & the Church
3-21-17—Pharisees & Jesus
3-28-17—Baptism of Jesus – 1
4-4-17—Baptism of Jesus – 2
2-28-17—Biblical Meaning of Law
4-25-17—Pilate and the Jewish People
5-2-17—Pilate and Jesus

4-11-17—Break for Passover 

How to Register:
You may register by downloading and filling out the Registration Form.

DOWNLOAD: JR400RegistrationForm

Your $55 fee must be received by January 17 to avoid late registration. Make your check to IHCS and mail to:

Jon & Darinda McLane,
IHCS Greensboro Extension,
5304 Turner-Smith Road,
Browns Summit, N.C. 27214.