FALL 2017 McKinney TX

Discover Your Biblical Judeo-Christian Heritage

Israel in History,
Bible Prophecy & Current Events

A life-changing twelve-week course on Israel,
Jesus (Yeshua) and the Christian Connection

Presented by
Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies
McKinney, TX Campus

Where: The Bethany Center at El Dorado Park, 2600 El Dorado Parkway, Suite 210, McKinney, TX 75050

When: September 11, 2017, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Teacher: Dr. Victoria Sarvadi

Cost:  $65 non-refundable Early Bird Registration due by Monday, August 28. There is also a $10 per class fee due at the beginning of each class meeting.  Late registration after August 28 is $75. These courses cost thousands of dollars if you took them at a Bible college. We have made the registration and class fee very low so all can afford it. If you can give more to our ministry it is appreciated. Any amount given over the required class fee is considered a tax exempt donation to IHCS which is a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt ministry.

Course Subjects:

Sept. 11 – Why God Chose the Jews
Sept. 18 – God’s Covenant with Abraham
Sept. 25  – God’s Plan for Israel
Oct. 2 – Surviving Among the Gentiles
Oct. 9 – Returning to the Land
Oct. 16 – Time of Jacob’s Trouble
Oct. 23 – Returning to God
Oct. 30 –  The Messianic Kingdom
Nov. 6 –  Christian Debt to Jews – 1
Nov. 13 – Christian Debt to Jews – 2
Nov. 20 –   Recognizing the Messiah – 1
Nov. 27 – Recognizing the Messiah – 2   

How to Pre-register:

Pre-register by completing the Registration Form on back or by calling Dr. Victoria Sarvadi at 844-SARVADI (7278234).  To avoid late registration, your $65 fee must be received by August 28, 2017.  Make your check to IHCS and mail to: Dr. Victoria Sarvadi, The Bethany Center at El Dorado Park, 2600 El Dorado Parkway, Suite 210, McKinney, TX 75050.We look forward to seeing you in class.


McKinney Registration Form FALL 2017

Students desiring credit may earn a Diploma in Hebraic-Christian Studies by completing all six IHCS courses with accompanying homework.  Students desiring a degree may transfer their course work to one of several IHCS affiliated educational organizations. For more information on IHCS, see our web at www.rbooker.com.



● God made an everlasting, unconditional covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

● That covenant promised a Land, a people and a nation.

● God’s covenant is still valid today and has not been replaced with Christianity.

● God warned His people that they would be few in number and scattered among the nations.

● God promised He would preserve a remnant of His people and return them to their ancient Land.

● The modern ingathering of the Jewish people back to their Land is the final fulfillment of Bible prophecy and God’s covenant promises to Abraham and the grafted in Christian believers.

● Christians are called to actively participate in this work of redemption which will lead to the coming of Messiah.

● Join us for this “prophecy for out times” course as Dr. Victoria Sarvadi explains God’s plan for Israel, the nations and how Christians are called to comfort God’s people in these challenging times.