FALL 2018 – Greensboro, NC

Discover Your Judeo-Christian Heritage

Discovering Jesus in the

Covenants and Hebrew Rituals

A life-changing twelve-week course on

Jesus and the Biblical Roots of Christianity


Presented by

Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies

Greensboro Extension Location


Where:  Home of Jon & Darinda McLane, 5304 Turner-Smith Road, Browns Summit, N.C. 27214 (336-656-4522)

When:  September 4th, 2018, 7:30-9:00 p.m.                Teacher:  Jon McLane

Cost:  $55 ($15 non-refundable registration and $35 for course notebook and $5 for shipping). Early Bird Registration due by Monday, August 20th, 2018.  We suggest a donation of $5.00 at each class session (tax deductible) to support the work of IHCS so we can continue to provide you with these life-changing classes.  If you can give more it is appreciated.  Late registration after August 20th is $65.  There is no registration after the second class.

Course Subjects:      

Sept. 4   – Covenants & Rituals                                   

Sept. 11 – Blood Covenant Ritual                                

Oct. 2    – Abraham & the Covenant                           

Oct. 9    – Tabernacle – 1                                            

Oct. 16  – Tabernacle – 2                                           

Oct. 23  – High Priest

Oct. 30 – Blood Covenant Preview

Nov. 6   – Sin Offering

Nov. 13 – Trespass Offering

Nov. 27 – Burnt Offering

Dec. 11  – Meal Offering

Dec. 18  – Peace Offering 

Sept. 18—Break for Yom Kippur

Sept. 25—Break for Succot

Nov. 20___Break for Thanksgiving

Dec. 4—Break for Hanukkah


How to Register:

You may register by completing the Registration Form on back or by calling the IHCS Greensboro Extension at 336-656-4522.  Your $55 fee must be received by August 20, 2018 to avoid late registration.  Make your check to IHCS and mail to: Jon & Darinda McLane, IHCS Greensboro Extension, 5304 Turner-Smith Road, Browns Summit, N.C. 27214.  We look forward to seeing you in class.


Students desiring credit may earn a Diploma in Hebraic-Christian Studies by completing all six IHCS courses with accompanying homework.  Students desiring a degree may transfer their course work to one of several IHCS affiliated educational organizations. For more information on IHCS, see our web site at www.rbooker.com.

Click to download Registration Form: JR100_Flyer_Greensboro

Late registration cost after August 20th is $65