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Have You Discovered Your Biblical Roots?
Lessons in text, audio and video. People all over the world are searching for their roots. Likewise, Christians are searching for their spiritual roots. Believers around the world are discovering there was a vital connection between Christianity and their Hebraic roots that was severed centuries ago.
Believers who are discovering their roots are experiencing profound changes in their lives. Their understanding of the Bible becomes richer, deeper, and clearer with new and powerful insights. Their walk with God is energized and their love relationship with Jesus is rekindled.

The biblical root of Christianity grew from an everlasting covenant God made with Himself as revealed to Abraham. It is the Master theme of the Bible. Christians become part of that root through their acceptance of Jesus as Messiah and Lord. “The Root and Branches” is an orientation course for those just beginning their study of the biblical Hebraic roots of Christianity.

The six lessons in this important study are presented as text and video:

Lesson 1 – Why Christians Should Learn their Biblical Hebraic Roots
Lesson 2 – The Covenants
Lesson 3 – The Sabbath
Lesson 4 – The Feasts
Lesson 5 – Anti-Semitism
Lesson 6 – The Rebirth of the State of Israel

Much more than just learning information, this study can have a profound impact on your life. If you are ready for a fresh encounter with the Lord that will change your life, we urge you to get your copy of “The Root and Branches.”




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  1. I can’t say enough about the amazing and detailed text. If you are looking for more depth, more meat with your understanding of His word this is a great start. You will learn about the root of your faith and a whole different perspective that will open your eyes and a deeper connection with G-ds word. I have taken the courses offered by Sounds of the Trumpet and I am so grateful for Dr. Booker and his passion for teaching truth. Take the time and download this awesome app.

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