The BIG LIE of Al Quds – Part 2

By Dr. Richard Booker

This is a continuation of blogs on THE BIG LIE in its various expressions regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. THE BIG LIE is the source of all the conflict in the Middle East. It is a serious threat to world peace and our way of life. We must educate ourselves and speak the truth in love.

If you missed the previous blogs on this subject, you can read them below. In this and the next blog I expose THE BIG LIE of Al Quds (Jerusalem and the Temple Mount). This information is taken from my publication, The Battle for Truth which you may purchase at bookstore. Please order your copy and share it along with this blog to your family, friends and social contacts.

We are constantly told that Islam has historical claims to the Temple Mount. We are told that Jerusalem is sacred to the three great monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But is it really? Or is this another clever BIG LIE?      

In the previous blog, I began to expose THE BIG LIE that the Temple Mount is the “third holiest site” in Islam. This myth has been repeated so many times that even the tour guides in Israel believe it and pass THE BIG LIE on to tourist.

I pointed out that Jerusalem is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible but is not even mentioned one time in the Koran. One does not have to be a scholar or NASA rocket scientist to understand the significance of the love the Jewish people have for Jerusalem, as opposed to the complete historical indifference Islam has had for Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the heart of Judaism but has had little or no importance to Muslims until recent times. They seem to be interested in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount only when the Jews are in control of them. So how is it that the Temple Mount has become the “third holiest site of Islam?”

The Koran, in Sura 17:1 states, “Glory be to Him who made His servant [Muhammad] go by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest [or remotest] Mosque.” All scholars agree that the Sacred Mosque is in Mecca. It’s the location of the farthest or remotest Mosque that has been the source of conflict.

Now this is really, really important! The earliest understanding from Muslim scholars was that the farthest Mosque referred to a Mosque towards Medina. It wasn’t until the seventh century that some Islamic leaders, for political reasons, identified it with Jerusalem. I will explain this in the next blog. The legend is that Muhammad, either literally, or in a dream/vision made a journey to heaven from Mecca with a stopover in Jerusalem.

The story is that Muhammad flew north on his horse, Burak, which had two wings and the face of a human. After stops at Mount Sinai and Bethlehem, they landed at the site of the Mosque in Jerusalem.

At this point, the story goes, heaven lowered a ladder to carry Muhammad to the Seventh Heaven where he was met by Abraham., Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and Jesus from whom Muhammad received their blessing to become the last prophet of A-l-l-a-h. Of course this idea was copied from Genesis 28:12 and John 1:51. In Islam, these Seventh Heaven residents were all Islamic prophets of A-l-l-a-h.

Muhammad then returned to Jerusalem by the ladder, at which time Burak flew him back to Mecca. Today, Muslims point to the footprint left when Muhammad leaped onto his back for the return trip to Mecca.

We learn that Muhammad’s second wife, Ayesha, revealed that on the night Muhammad was supposed to make this night flight, he was sleeping soundly by her side. In view of her testimony, Muhammad’s night flight has often been presented as a dream or vision rather than a literal event. Even so, there are still those who choose not to be confused with facts and present Muhammad’s flight as a literal happening.

Now all religions, including my own, have their legends. I am certainly not one to judge them. However, the problem with this one is that Muhammad died decades before a Mosque was built on the Temple Mount.

It is historically impossible that Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were the location of the farthest Mosque mentioned in the Koran. Muhammad died in 632 of the Common Era. This was six years before Jerusalem fell to the Arabs under Caliph Omar in 638. The Dome of the Rock was not built until 692, which was 60 years after Muhammad’s death. The Al-Aqsa Mosque was not built until 712, which is 80 years after Muhammad’s death. Do the math! Can you add and subtract?

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