Have You Read … The Greatest News in the world?

Dr. Richard Booker

If someone told you they had just heard the greatest news in the world, would you take a few minutes to listen? If your like most people, you probably would!

The greatest news in the world concerns a covenant God has make for you. Perhaps you are not aware of this covenant. That’s why I want to share it with you personally.

What is a Covenant?

From the beginning of time, people have understood a covenant to be a binding agreement between two parties. The word “covenant” actually means to “cut a covenant by the shedding of blood.” A blood covenant has always been considered the most sacred of all compacts. When you enter into blood covenant with someone, you promise to give him or her your life, your love and your protection forever.

The Covenant Ritual

In ancient times, people expressed their covenant relationship in a dramatic way. they would exchange their coat or robe, which represented themselves, as a means of mutually committing their lives to one another. Then they would exchange their belts. Because the belt held their weapons in place, it symbolized their power. By exchanging it, they were pledging their strength, support, protection and ability to fight for and defend one another.

Next, the two parties would actually “cut the covenant” by killing an animal and splitting it down the middle. the bloody halves of the animal represented the two people making the covenant. They would then make the covenant walk between the pieces of flesh. by this act, they were showing their willingness to give up the rights to their own lives and begin a new walk with their covenant partner unto death.

After cutting the covenant, they would raise their right arms, cut their palms, and bring them together to intermingle their blood. As their blood intermingled, they believed their lives were intermingling and becoming one, taking on the nature of their blood covenant partner.

Following this, they would exchange names as a means of identifying with one another. As they were now known by each others name, the would be expected to think, talk, and act like their blood covenant partner.

The next step was to make a scar over the cut as a permanent testimony to the covenant. It would always be there as a guarantee, reminding the two parties of their covenant rights and responsibilities.

They would then give the terms of the covenant, pledging to commit their assists to one another and taking responsibility for the other’s liabilities.

Next, they would have a memorial meal to symbolize their covenant union. They would take a loaf of bread and break it in two and feed it to each other. Then they would serve each other wine. The bread and wine represented their lives. By exchanging them, the two parties were expressing their desire to become one with each other.

Finally, they would leave a memorial to the covenant by planting a tree which they sprinkled with the blood of the animal. The blood-sprinkled tree, along with the scar, was a lasting testimony to their sacred covenant relationship.

God’s Everlasting Covenant

In a similar manner, before God ever created the universe, He planned to make a blood covenant for you so that you might be one with Him. When the time came, the eternal, infinite Creator entered into time and space through the person of Jesus Christ.

Christ, the Son of God, exchanges names with us and became Jesus, the Son of Man. He was the God-Man who came to identify with us in our human condition and cut the covenant for us so that we might be one with God. Because Jesus lived a perfect life, He was able to cut a perfect covenant with God on our behalf.

When it was time, Jesus gathered His disciples together to participate in the covenant meal. Jesus took the bread and wine and explained that they represented His own life which was to be offered in our place as the covenant sacrifice for our sins. He further explained that through His sacrifice, we could have our sins forgiven and receive eternal life through union with Him.

Afterward, Jesus planted a memorial tree and stained it with His own blood. That blood- stained tree was the cross. There Jesus paid the judgment of sin for-us by “cutting the covenant” with God on our behalf.

This is where the exchange of natures took place. Jesus took the coat or robe of our liabilities on Himself He took our sins into His spirit, our sorrows into His soul and our sicknesses into His flesh. In return, He gives us the asset of His garment of salvation and robe of righteousness.

Through Him, we can have right standing with God and become partakers of His divine nature.

Because Jesus never sinned, death couldn’t hold Him in the grave. Three days later, He was resurrected and ascended back to heaven where He now sits on the throne of God with all authority

and power over sin, Satan, and death. And He promises to come back to earth to rule over a kingdom of righteousness and peace with His followers.

The Covenant and You

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS! If you will enter into covenant with Jesus by accepting His death on your behalf, Jesus will give you the Holy Spirit and apply the blood covenant exchange and benefits to your life personally. The Holy spirit will come and live inside you so that through Him you can partake of the divine nature of God.

The Holy Spirit will be the divine scar on your heart that is God’s personal seal and guarantee that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. You will be “born again” as a new person as the Holy Spirit joins you to Jesus in a spiritual union, filling you with His own glorious life.

The Covenant Terms

Here now are the terms of the covenant. God says if you will turn from your sins and fully commit your life to Him through a personal relationship with Jesus, He will give you His life. He will forgive your sins and restore you to a right relationship with Himself. You will receive authority and power over sin and Satanic stronghold and habits which will destroy you.

God will fill you with His own wonderful life of love, joy, and peace. He will renew your mind, stabilize your emotions and empower your will. He will give real meaning and purpose to your life. And finally, He will resurrect you from the grave so that you may live with Him forever.


The Covenant Invitation

God has provided for every human need through Jesus Christ by the sacred covenant in His blood. And now you can experience this for your own life. If you have not yet entered into this wonderful covenant with God. you may do so right now. As an act of faith, pray the following prayer from your heart, and then find a group of fellow believers who can help you live in the fullness of God’s covenant life.

The Covenant Prayer

“God, I thank you for the covenant You have made for me through the blood of Jesus Christ. I acknowledge that I am a sinner in need of Your forgiveness and salvation. I willingly turn from my sins and commit my life fully to You. I now accept and receive Jesus as my covenant Lord and Savior. I ask You to forgive me of my sins and send the Holy Spirit to come and live inside me and fill me with Himself so that I can walk with You and enjoy the fullness of Your covenant life forever. Amen!”

Dear friend, if you prayed this prayer for the first time in your life, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us at shofarprb@aol.com about your commitment to the Lord. We would also like to encourage you to Order our book, “Fast Start in Christian Living” which was written for new believers.


God bless you!

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this message, it truly is an amazing and powerful teaching, for me this comes at a time in my life when I needed it the most. Thank you once more and may God bless you

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