3: CORE COURSES – No Diploma


JR100 – Discovering Jesus in the Covenants and Rituals

Students learn how the Bible tells one complete story of God’s provision of a blood covenant including the covenant ritual, the covenant with Abraham, in the tabernacle, the High Priest, and the sacrifices. Students learn how the covenant and rituals point to Jesus and how believers can apply this knowledge to everyday life. This is the most foundation, core subject in the Bible.


JR200 – Discovering Jesus in the Sabbaths and Feasts

This course helps students understand why and how God gave the Sabbaths and Feasts as pictures of the Messiah including Jesus in the Sabbath, Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, Purim, and Hanukkah. Students learn how to internalize the spiritual realities symbolized by the Feasts. In addition, students discover the prophetic calendar as revealed in the Feasts, how the Feasts have been restored in history through God’s prophetic seasons, and where we are today in God’s times and seasons.


JR 300 – Israel and the Nations in History and Prophecy

The purpose of this course is to help students understand God’s plan for Israel and the nations in history and prophecy. Students gain an overview of the history of Israel and the Jewish people, the Christian debt to the Jews and the prophecies of the Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures in light of their fulfillment in Jesus. We cannot understand current events without this information.


JR400 – Jesus and the first Century Church

This course helps students discover the “Jewishness” of Jesus and the early church. Students learn the Hebraic background of the teachings of Jesus and Paul, misconceptions concerning Law and grace, the relationship Jesus had to the Pharisees, the role of Pilate and the Sadducees in the crucifixion of Jesus, and much more.


JR500 – Judaism and Christianity: Abraham to the Holocaust

The purpose of this course is to help students understand the history of the Jewish people from the call of Abraham, through the First Testament, between the Testaments, the New Testament, the Roman era, and Christian-Jewish history from Constantine through the Holocaust. This is God’s redemptive history of His people, both Jews and Christians.


JR600 – Judaism and Christianity: faith, Customs, and Traditions

This course will help the student understand basic Jewish beliefs and practices and how they relate to Christianity and the Messiah. Students discover how Biblical Judaism and Biblical Christianity are the same while learning how they differ based on ancient traditions and practices that are important to both faiths today.

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