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 … to the Sounds of the Trumpet website where you’ll find an abundance of resources to increase your knowledge of both traditional Christian and Hebraic-Christian studies.

You can order our life-changing courses on Jewish/Hebraic roots, read articles from our founder, Dr. Richard Booker, order his best-selling books, enjoy our new media features which include audio and video teaching by Dr. Booker and more.

Invite Dr. Booker to speak at your church or congregation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Dr. Richard Booker, MBA, Ph.D., is an ordained Christian minister, President of Sounds of the Trumpet, Inc., and the Founder/Director of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies.

He is the author of thirty books which are used by churches and Bible schools around the world. He has also developed many seminars and Bible college level courses and writes regularly for Christian magazines.

Dr. Booker has traveled extensively for over thirty years teaching in churches and at conferences on various aspects of the Christian life as well as Israel and the Hebraic roots of Christianity

Dr. Booker and his wife, Peggy, lead yearly tour groups to Israel where, for eighteen years, Dr. Booker was a speaker at the International Christian Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem attended by over 5,000 believers from 100 nations.

Dr. Booker’s teachings are designed to help believers better understand the Bible and their covenant God. He has a God-given ability to communicate the Scriptures in clear, easy-to-understand language with practical application for everyday Christians that brings life out of the Bible and into people’s hearts.

Dr. Booker and Peggy founded the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies (IHCS) in 1997 as a ministry to educate Christians in the Hebraic culture and background of the Bible, build relationships between Christians and Jews, and give comfort and support to the people of Israel.

Their tireless work on behalf of Christians and Jews has been recognized around the world as well as being represented at the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

Dr. Booker has a daily television program which can be seen on the internet at and around the world via satellite. He has produced over 500 programs.

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  1. Dr. Booker, as there is so much talk about the coming of Christ, I have question about stocking up on food and water that a friend is doing. She asked me if I was doing the same. I told her no….God speaks about hoarding and I told her I believed God will take of his believers……he sent manna and quail to the people for 40 years. So what is your thought on stocking food and water? I am a member of a church and go on Sunday….I believe every day is Gods gift wither you attend services on Sat or Sunday. I love my church family. Watch GLC but seems like Amy is always speaking negative things about the Christians and has turned some people away from the messages of GLC. I confess I quit supporting the station financially…..still watch some…but just not like I use too. I read and study prophecy using my Kindal….Love to read your books.Hope you have time to answer my email about hoarding. God Bless your hard work and helping Israel…they are God chosen people and we as Americans should support them in any way possible. Thank you and Shalom.

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