THE SHAKING – A Poem about the End Times

From Dr. Booker:

Dear Friends:

On July 12, 2016 the Spirit of God came on me and gave me the following poem. I know it was God because I am not a poet. I have written 40 books, 15 college level Bible courses, and hundreds of articles but never a poem.

Furthermore, these words came to me in only a few minutes. I wrote them down just as they are. When I read the words, I was shocked to realize the poem is written in, what we call, Hebrew Parallelism, like in Proverbs where part B of the couplet clarifies Part A. This had to be from God.

Due to the difficulties we are all going through with the Corona virus, I wanted to release this poem to you to encourage you. Please share with all your contacts and make it go viral for the world to read.

Isaiah 26:3
Dr. Richard and Peggy Booker

A Poem about the End Times
by Dr. Richard Booker, July 12, 2016

Things that are must come to an end,
Before things that are better can begin.
In time of trouble, will you stand or bend,
Fear not the future for God is a faithful friend.
Everything we know is about to change,
But God’s not nervous, He’s forever the same.
The world as we know is coming to an end,
But God has a plan, His kingdom is at hand.
So pray as a watchman awake and alert,
Love one another and cause no hurt.
Serve those around you without pretense,
Minister in the Spirit and don’t take offense.
For soon we will hear the shofar blown,
Jesus is coming and it won’t be long.
The Lion of Judah, Yeshua is His name,
To make us one with the Father is the reason He came.
So let’s all get ready for the coming of the King,
The glory of God He is returning to bring.